lost in transit

lost in transit was released in January 1996. Though it was the second Cuscus album, it was the first released on CD.

The album showcased 12 new tracks as well as 10 tracks previously available only on the at the kitchen table cassette.

Although the cassette version of lost in transit only contained the new songs, it featured different cover art.

  1. Believe

  2. Pickle Alley

  3. Turnbuckle

  4. You Look So Good To Me

  5. Bread And Butter Baby

  6. Without A Trace

  7. One Yellow Jellybean

  8. All At Once

  9. Sourmilk Blues

  10. Bubbles

  11. Frenzied Melody

  12. Say Goodbye

  13. Intended Rhinoceros

  14. Acoustic Sky

  15. In The Grass On A Day

  16. Strawberry Messiah

  17. Hey That's Just Stupid

  18. Reservations

  19. Deviant Mind

  20. Carolina

  21. The Man With One Green Finger

  22. Baby Fish Mouth


(words & music by bruzzi)

I want to believe it can happen
I want to believe you can see
I want to appreciate the child within myself
I want you to believe in me

Hey there sister come on and believe it
Keep your head up 'cause I'm thinking about you now

Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me

pickle alley

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Okay I'm lost again
without any idea of where I've been

Can someone help me
find my way
to Pickle Alley,
to Pickle Alley

I look both ways when I cross the street
but the signs are as strange as the people I meet

Then I came upon the most beautiful creature
I was lost in her gaze, but I couldn't reach her

Then she came over to me and with a nod
she took my hand and we found God!


(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Suit me up, get me ready
for the fight of the century
There he is, my competition
and he's a lot bigger than me

I can't fight this fight alone
Sure, I got the bright red tights,
but this guy's chewing on a bone

What was I thinking when I agreed to this?
Money ain't worth nothing when you're dead
But I know I can win with a little bit of luck
Grab his neck and pull his head into the turnbuckle

Gonna throw you into the turnbuckle

Spin me around
You can throw me to the ground
I'll get you back
'cause I'm sharp as a tack with the turnbuckle

you look so good to me

(words & music by bruzzi)

People say you're an ugly duck
but I can see right through your skin
Okay so I've had a drink or two
and sorry is the state I'm in but

You look so good to me
Baby, why can't you see
that I'd do anything
to get you home with me

I've tried before to stop myself
but time can really wear you down
And I've worn what I wore the day before
so your shirt and jeans looks like a gown

bread and butter baby

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Better leave from the place that kept me bound
Gotta make the bread and the butter found
Keep it silent, no don't you make a sound
or you're the first to go

Bread and butter baby
Bread and butter baby

"Sweet thing, when you get out
I will be waiting here for you"

Try to see through the dark that makes the night
A little luck and we'll make it without a fight
Pray to God everything will be alright

without a trace

(words & music by bruzzi)

You magnetize love in the whole wide world
You attract trust such a special girl
A smile shines in your eye
like you're about to cry
then you find a piece of paper in your pillow

Of all the things in life that I find precious
you are one in life that really matters
You say you want a man who cares
who loves and talks and is always there
and I'll listen as I watch you pick your clothes out

"What am I going to wear?
What should I do with my hair?"
And I don't understand

You can go anywhere
So beautiful the people will stare
But you just don't know

You made my heart leap when you said "that's good"
but times are different now as well they should
But you can still count on me
if you treat me altruisticly
and you let me pluck out my eyebrows

I hope you understand don't get me wrong
That's why I sat down and I wrote this song
Just wanted to let you know
I'm so glad I didn't go
through my life without a Trace.

one yellow jellybean

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

And I can tell you that I
never thought you'd be out this long
Holidays are over by far
and I know that it is wrong

to see you sitting there upon the shelf
I can still see you sitting by yourself, by yourself
I know your friends are all gone
I know it makes you sad
but I can't do a thing to help you now

Find a way to the 'frigerator
One yellow jellybean
Find a way to the 'frigerator
One yellow jellybean

One little yellow jellybean

all at once

(words & music by bruzzi)

For all I know
which is not much at all
you and me
were never meant to be

After all, we had
all that I could hope for
all at once
All at once

All in all
It's all I'll ever be
And you and I
just ain't for me

And I never lost my way around you
And I never see
It's all I'll ever be

sour milk blues

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Round dairy eaters sipping on the cream
from the red and white carton left on the t.v.

As chunky as poorly mixed pancake batter
They kept drinking getting fatter and fatter

"Gunther, why don't you try to sing my melody?"
"Indigestion is my petition, oh why can't you see?

I got a virus in my stomach
and bacteria in my intestines
I got the chunky milk blues
giving me indigestion."


(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Elliot ran around the bowl
that lie in the middle of the floor
Dizziness overtook his head
and he ran and ran into the door

Elliot, elliot, elliot...
Please don't cry
'cause you will fly
Bubbles are your best friend

From then on the poor boy was a bit
different from the others back at school
He thought he could fly and would spit in your eye
if you told him that his ideas were peculiar

Elliot, elliot, elliot...
Please don't cry
'cause you will fly
Bubbles are your best friend
They're always listening

Bubbles are your best friend
Bubbles around your soda glass again
Bubbles around her neck
makes him think of the time he spent,
makes him think of what could have been
Bubbles are your best friend
Bubbles are your best friend

frenzied melody

(music by bruzzi)

say goodbye

(words & music by bruzzi)

When I think about our time together
I remember the laughter I shared with you
I'd never forget your beautiful smile
and how much I wanted to say I love you

But I always knew you'd have to go away,
always knew our time was short
I tried not to think about that day in May
This was never supposed to hurt

But I'm still glad you were a part of my life
Never trade all the times that I've spent with you
You're so special and I hope you realize
you'll have this effect on someone else too

It was always kind of hard for me
not to say just how I feel
I didn't mean to fall in love with you
but now it seems I'll have to deal

But I don't have to like it
No I don't have to like it
No I don't want to have to say goodbye

I don't have to like it
No I don't have to like it
No I don't want to have to say goodbye

All I want to say is don't forget me
'cause a friend like you I can't afford to lose
I'll be there if you ever need me
That offer stands no matter what you do

Things like this happen almost everyday
but this time it's me and you
I know you didn't know quite what to say
I didn't know quite what to do

intended rhinoceros

(words & music by bruzzi)

Livin' on the edge
Intended what is for us
Try to keep your pledge
Intended rhinoceros

People stay and people change
And travel to the Promised Land
Intended as it ought to be
Try to keep your sanity

People say and people do
But together they don't make the truth
Don't explain yourself to me
I don't need your sympathy

acoustic sky

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Pickled in ivory
Soaked in a bottle of oil
Placed on the red stove
Then slowly brought to a boil

Another vision I see you
The sky is acousticly blue
So many colors
But I can still see you

One three five seven
The odd child is hiding the tacks
Unlucky is Father
Eyesight is the gift that he lacks

in the grass on a day

(words & music by bruzzi)

You say you see me but then you look away
You only want to wear my shoes every other day
You say I'm crazy but I beg to disagree

Try to find me in the grass on a day
Your arms around me in the grass on a day
I never told you what I wanted to do
But you always know where I'd be

In the grass on a day
In the grass on a day

I never worry about the things they're going to say
I ain't thinkin' 'bout what happened yesterday
It's up to you but it don't matter anyway

It don't matter if you don't understand me
Just as long as you lay alone with me
In the grass on any particular everyday

I try hard to make amends
But you just refuse to talk
You say you want to understand me
But then you turn around and walk away
Please don't go away
All I really want is to be
In the grass on a day with you

strawberry messiah

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

The people of Fruitville
Many years ago
Had quite a dilemma
When their fruit would not grow

Their strawberries and grapes
Disappeared from the trees
They needed a savior
To bring back the berries

Strawberry Messiah
Strawberry Messiah
All their fruits and berries were gone overnight
Who could find the stolen crops and make everything alright?

They searched and found Vinnie
The world renowned possum
Although he hung upside down
He could smell it all and then some

So Vinnie set out
On his quest
And the people of Fruitville
Gave Vinnie their best

Strawberry Messiah
Strawberry Messiah
Vinnie set out when the sun went down
He promised he would not return until the fruit was found

Vinnie ran and ran from place to place
To find the monster who stole the grapes
Time passed and Vinnie came upon a hill
On top of which loomed a building
Ominous it stood, dark and tall
But Vinnie wasn't scared at all
The fruit was packed tightly shelf by shelf
But he was not alone by himself

In the doorway
Stood an evil man
Who wanted all the strawberries
For his tasty jams

So Vinnie used his tail
And wrapped it 'round a shelf
He pulled and the fruit tumbled
On the villain's head

Strawberry Messiah
Strawberry Messiah
The people of Fruitville got back all their berries
And Vinnie the possum went back to his tree

hey that's just stupid

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Once upon a life
I thought I'd run out of time
And I told this friend of mine
She said, "Shut up and have a good time"

She said, "Your worries, they'll go away
And your life will be over someday
So get up, get up and let's go play
It's tomorrow's yesterday"

Hey, let's go make some memories, it's tomorrow's yesterday
These will be the days we look back to, when we're old and gray
We'll walk up a hill and remember the mountain that we climbed
Fly a kite and think back to how we soared so high

Baby, you'll forget all about me someday
Who will I share my dreams with when you've gone away?
And she smiled and looked me straight in the eye
And said, "Hey that's just stupid, let's go have a good time"

I tried and tried to realize what she said
And I know in my heart that it's all in my head
Maybe you'll forget all about me some day
Who will I share my dreams with when you've gone away
And she smiled and looked me straight in the eye
And said, "Hey that's just stupid, let's go have a good time"


(words & music by bruzzi)

You said I laughed too many times at dinner
I didn't know the limit was four
I thought it might be more

And my grammar good it wasn't, I apologize
Didn't learn what I was taught
Words just confuse my thoughts

I just want to be an insulator
Not another emulator
I wanna hold you
Not mold you
Hold you

And when I tried to order wine at dinner
I didn't pronounce the label right
And that just ruined the night

I want to be understanding
Not some overbearing jerk
I'd rather be a feather
Than give you agida
I wanna caress you
Not distress you
Caress you

I tried so hard to be impressive
But I spilt my water on the floor
We ran in the rain to get to my car
I'm sorry that your dress tore

I'm so tired of trying
When all along my heart is dying
Every time another girl shuts her door

deviant mind

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

I try to hear what the people are saying
But I just sit here rocking and swaying
I hum a rhyme from my childhood days
And wonder who said that crime never pays

And I see myself
Only it's someone else
And I see myself
And I just watch me go


(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Drive me down that dusty road
To the place I like to call my home
There's no pushin' and no shovin' where I live

Livin' in a small town's got its blues
But I know I can win when I've got nothing to lose
I can count on the comfort of Carolina

Carolina makes me smile
And it makes me cry at the same time
Memories to have and hold of Carolina

the man with one green finger

(words & music by bruzzi)

He's the man with one green finger
Do you care?
He's the man with one green finger
Please don't stare

He can't even buy a friend
His little green finger prevents him from living

Can you stand that one green finger
Hanging there?
He's a freak freak freak freak freak
Freak freak freak

baby fish mouth

(music by marek)