"I checked out your page and I do dig your songs. Very jazzy jammy."

- David Clarke of Key

"I just have to say that I really enjoyed the [bags of tricks] CD. Your music is very different. It's got that mellowing feeling to it yet it's upbeat and lively. It's very hard to explain. One of my friends described it as a mixture of Bens Fold Five and Weezer. It's probably one of the better CD's I've heard lately... It looks like you put alot of time and energy into it."

- Dan Parente

"Pickle Alley is my favorite song because it brings back so many memories from Manasquan."

- Christine Faulkner

"The world has a shortage of true cool. Thank you for doing your part."

- Molly Driver

"In all honesty, I can say Cuscus is the best monkey-loving two-man garage band from Jersey I've ever heard."

- Shaenon K. Garrity

"This release from Cuscus is both ying and yang at the same time. It is a trascendental exploration of being and non-being. It is both one-leg-at-a-time and both-feet-at-once in a sensory explosion of pants."

- Michael Martin

"I found some really eerie things when I played fishbulb while watching Big Top Pee-Wee."

- Joe Horwath


- Daniel Pinkwater,

Author of the Novel Lizard Music

"Scoot just rules. Whenever I hear it, I picture Ren & Stimpy dancing. But I don't see them dancing during the solo. The solo's cool! I just don't see Ren & Stimpy dancing, that's all."

- Mike Low

"Cover the theme to Baywatch..."

- Wayne Marek

"After careful consideration I have come to this conclusion. Fishbulb is not an album that one takes to easily. There are a few mainstream sounding songs that quickly catch your interest but the album on the whole takes more to really appreciate. The level of appreciation and length of enjoyment will certainly be far greater than a piece of art that one enjoys immediately without the offering of one's self."

- Jack Reiling

"Just wanted to drop a line and say how cool the site is. I'm diggin' the album! I definitely agree with the guitar player; he doesn't look like Eddie Van Halen."

- Tommy DiCianni

"A unique blend of fun with a hint of a looking at the world through green tinted glasses."

- Dave Swope